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PPQ Dungeness Island

A gem of a place in the Outer Richmond, PPQ Dungeness Island - complete with fake palm trees and a faux-polynesian tiki bar. The fried peppercorn crab and garlic noodles were bordering on legendary.

PPQ Dungeness Island – 8.2/10


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Peppercorn Crab

Sea Lions & Co.

Adventures with a little photo app called Cross Process - not strictly kosher photographic techniques (sorry Warren), but pleasing results nonetheless... (more…)

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Santa Cruz Sea Lions

Big Trees

A couple of jaunts to see the giant Redwoods at Big Basin and the even bigger Sequoias at Calaveras North Grove. Beautiful, massive trees. Just stupendously huge. (more…)

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Oakland A’s

A day out at the ball game with the folks. Oakland A's got thoroughly trounced by the Yankees 4-0. Dad is not going to give up rugby for baseball any time soon, but good times regardless. (more…)

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