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Somewhere between the Mission and Portrero Hill on 24th Street things get colourful... (more…)

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Rosebots in disguise

I’ve been out walkin’

Going for a wander is becoming a solid fixture - here's some highlights; Muir beach with John and Josie, and Mount Tam with Julian and Nina. (more…)

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Transamerica Building

The Transamerica building is pretty awesome - I'm amazed that such a monumental waste of real estate square-footage was approved, but the city's skyline is all the richer for it.

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Heart of the City Market

The civic centre's Heart of the City farmer's market is remarkable amongst SF markets in that it doesn't require a remortgage to buy a few spuds. Here's a selection of some of the more mysterious fruit and veg.


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I cannot stress enough how awesome this Pulled Moroccan Lamb sandwich with harissa and cabbage 'slaw was. Go to L'acajou. Buy a sandwich and take home some of the monumental bread rolls.

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