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Garrapata State Park

Beautiful coastline, the sound of seals barking on the offshore rocks and a trail full of cartoonish cactus leading to some hefty coastal redwoods. Good hike. (more…)

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There’s only one Owen Williams

It turns out my brother has an unquenchable appetite for smoked turkey bagels. Also, if you make him drink until 3am whilst jet-lagged, he'll fall asleep on a dime. Big love to you brother, it was a blast. (more…)

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There's only one Owen Williams

SF Christmas

Our first Californian Christmas, spent exploring unexplored corners of SF with the mother-in-law, Bridge. Being charged at by a bull elephant seal at Ana Nuevo and drinking white russians at the Huntington with Danny DeVito's double being particular highlights. (more…)

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Twin Puddings